Paschima Ghatta Samrekshana Samithi



Western Ghats Protection Committee State convention in Chalakkudy (Thrisure,Kerala ) on 12/03/2016.

The Green Politics manifesto, was presented by the Chairman, Mr. John Peruvanthanam. The organizational report was presented by the General convener, Mr. S.Babuji,
/// The epistemology ,strategy and tactics of the required political course were discussed and reviewed , with much enthusiasm and participation, discussions continued even with out respecting the time schedule .//

Arguments and deliberations ,adopting different paradigms with diversity, inclusiveness, pluralism , high level of mutual respect and honesty were expressed by the participants in group discussions . Finally arrived at the following well specified and logical statements and action plan .

1. The Gadgil committee report is the ‘Magna Carta’ of our state, Kerala for the protection of its biological diversity and maintain sustainability.

2. Kasthuri Rengan report and similar other reports are just political tricks orchestrated by the greedy politicians and crony capitalists, just to mask the rational approach adopted by Dr.Madave Gadgil with logical sufficiency.

3.’Vizhinjam Mega Port’ project, ‘Aathirapally hydroelectric project’ etc can’t withstand the logical arguments put forward by Dr.Madave Gadgil and our opposition to Vizhinajam and Aathirapally Projects are just derivatives of our appreciation of Gadgil committee report.

4. Regarding the farmers problem, and recent attempts to destroy the paddy fields of our state by real estate ‘Mafia’ in collusion with corrupted political parties both with in the ruling and the opposition. We demand:-

/// ** One Acre (nearly 4047sq m) of land, together with the required working capital is to be given to the land less farmers family and priority should be given to the ‘Daliths’ and ‘Adivasies’ of our land as they are the real marginalised sections for long and their ancestors toiled to develop these agricultural fields ***///

5. Rather than the anti-people and anti- environmental policies of the present state and central government, it is the unethical, hypocritical, totalitarian arrogance of the opposition parties under the leadership of CPI(M) is doing much harm to the democratic consciousness of the civility of our state ‘ the most literate state of India”. Statement supporting the ‘Athirappally project’ from the CPI(M) supremo of the state Mr.Pinarayi Vijayan has provoked the former left co-travellers and former active leaders of Kerala Shasthra Sahithya Parishath to expresses their strong objection in this regard . The 51-member executive committee, having representations from all 14 districts of the state , the patrons, the chairman, the vice-chairmen , the General convener, Co-conveners,all were elected during the meeting.
///***Leading environmental scientist Dr. T.V Sajeev, from Kerala Forest Research Institute, delivered a talk critically dissecting the Chemistry and Dynamics of the prevailing democratic pretext of our country, quoting his wise words : – “We wrongly assume that majority is correct and against corruption but the dominant section of the people capable of influencing their leaders is in favour of corruption . They need a political leadership capable of delivering good to the corrupted influential sections of the society. Naturally the prevailing democratic process, choose the most corrupted elements of the society as their elected representatives . Even after the next Assembly election , what ever be the change that happens, one thing is sure , The crony capitalists holding the rein of power will be able to post their chosen people, on  ruling as well as opposition benches!. Then the question is what we can do?.  Seminars, social media posts, articles etc are all required off course but the real education can but only be imparted through genuine //***’democratic struggles!’.**///. We in Kerala, have hundreds of struggles going on! and that is the silver line!. Some lasted only for one day (and won!!) and others lasted long even up to 1000 days – There are cases of  struggles won the cause and struggles yet to win!!. It is a process of modulating the social thinking and it will continue !. Don’t rush to dictate the course of history, try to do your level best to mould the social thinking in the right direction to the best of your knowledge and be ready for correction at any time if found wrong “.

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