The land !,The Power! and Equal justice!

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A section of the active participants representing different districts and on going  peoples movements!

 We Demand IMG_20160807_132246! The land !,The Power! and Equal justice!

13886479_1834422106791545_6748473904611966719_n7th August 2016 . Thrissur the cultural capital of Kerala has witnessed a meeting of a different kind ! As a continuation of ‘justice for Jisha ‘ initiative ,activists from different districts of Kerala, assembled in the prestigious ‘Sahithya Acadami Campus, Changapuzha Hall, at Thissure, leaders of nearly fifty  movements for justice to all and environment going on in ‘Keralam’ joined together to form a state co-ordination committee to raise their legitimate demand ‘Right to live with dignity’. Few words of wisdom ,with necessary emotional content and rational insight heard in the meeting will explain the mood of the hour!

“ You brutally murdered only one ‘Jisha’ and conspired to sabotage the murder case! ,there are thousands of ‘Jishas living in ‘Puram pok’

(പുറം പോക്ക് – it means outskirts, land owned by none , unnoticed so far- no proof for ownership of land , having makeshift huts with no security etc… Our language ‘Malayalam’ is also rich! gives the meaning in one word but to translate we need more sentences-as it contain the essence of much of the degraded cast discrimination!-Kris)

                              The immediate provocation is the deceleration from the new ‘LDF Government , that they are going to give away 3 cents of land, each to the land less, most of them naturally belong to SC/ST! Philanthropic and humanitarian it may sound to a shallow first reading, now listen to ‘Vasanthan’ educated, well informed youth from Thrissure itself , now works as an electrician, born and brought up in ‘a colony’,

quote /“ I felt the humiliation even during my early school days, when I was introduced myself as coming ‘from Laksham veedu colony[1]’ I can’t refrain from recollecting the facial expression, body language ,disdain , neglect and humiliation from teachers and fellow students -astonishingly they remember it for ever, just like me .Even now I am coming from a hut built within 3 cents! — This is just another expression of the most degrading cast system – which Dr. Ambedker and Great Iyyankali fought against ! and this three cent gift is an insult creating hundreds of colonies with the burden of cast degradation and the demarcation to identify the marginalised with shame with no sufficient space to have a decent living“ ./unquote

{[1] As a follow up of ‘The land reform act passed by the first ever elected Communist Ministry in the whole history 1957, implemented later by CPI leader M.N Govindhan Nair made good number of colonies known as ‘laksham veedu colonies’}

Even though coming from different political background, all the activists with a good experience of having fought for justice for last few years, strongly criticised LDF, UDF ,and BJP , for betraying the needy populace. All of them criticised the unholy nexus between crony capitalists and conventional political establishments! and ‘Manuvadis’ with strongest possible words !

There are 332,322 landless families living in ‘purompoks’ and outskirts just like ‘Jisha’ in Kerala (As per even the official record!)
There are more than 800,000 acres of land unlawfully owned by corporates, individuals and ‘binamies’ which already has crossed the agreed leasing period from the government and is a violation of existing rule, law and agreement!

 ‘We demand at least one Acre of land (4046.85642 sq:m) to every land less, who opt for farming, in Kerala’

As we have sufficient monsoon -rain and fertile land NOW ,and it can provide the reasonable ‘Needs’ of a family , even though not sure of that fortune in long run ! – at the same time full fill the promise of 5 Acres of land to ‘Adivasi’ families ) **// it is simple arithmetic .////****It is our obligation to the marginalised sections, who made this land fit for agriculture and is feeding us for generations with out owning a single piece of land***/// .

The meeting decided to contact all like minded individuals and movements in Kerala and outside, two day leadership training camp during October 16th and 17th is decided ,followed by a state convention and we unanimously decided to invite all India leaders like Smt.Medha Padker , Adv.Prashanth Bhushan, Prof.Yogendra Yadave , Smt.Arundhathi Roy , Dr.S.P.Udayakumar leader of Gujarat Dalith movement Jignesh Mevani for guidance to lead the camp and convention. As they have proven track record of having fought against all odds to uphold the dignity of the marginalized .

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