AAP nose diving to the dirt corruption and consperancies

“Don’t be surprised if AAP leaders are killed in road accidents”: Ashutosh ; Reports D.N.A .

In another  TOI debate, just after the arrest of Tomar , He was seen arguing ( with his typical wild smile) that the arrest was wrong and objectionable and so many words …again reiterated: “No need of resignation ” but Arunab logically corners him, Asuthosh murmurs “you hear news” stopping every body, Arunab invited the viewers and other participants for a ‘breaking news’, requests him to repeat, he repeats,”you shall hear news soon”,in spite of repeated request he was reluctant to give any clue but laughs and says” I can give only this much now!” , a comic interlude was created ( thanks to Shakespeare). Every body laughs; means he knows that Tomar will resign and is happy about the whole episode including fooling the public and lower strata of AAP .The news was out in few minutes -It happened – But Poor Ragava Chanda in some other channel was desperately trying to defend Tomar -The clipping of the debate was not available. TOI, please put it in net – Please Do a CBI enquiry about the Farmers suicide-Watch the video and note Asuthosh – again watch his ” cry drama” — Probably he will be the Rajyasabha M.P from Delhi next time … typical A.K recruit. again it should be noted that he came to the party after the First Delhi Win ! AAP leaders watch out !-these greedy idiots will go to any level ! to be in power!— ‘Getting things done by other people is the management principle” .Somanath Bharathy employed his dog (This time a dog with four legs!) to attack his wife while she was 7 months pregnant at that time ! ( she complaints with – fear and tear that her life is in Danger ” and soon in jail and sometimes may get expelled from AAP ! but the most dangerous hypocrite  Arvindh Kegirwal still is holding the  control of the party and undertook the contract to finish it !!


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